GG for Winter

Hey Girl Gang!!

If I’m being honest – I hate the cold. I don’t like having to layer my coats on whenever I have to walk outside. I think that’s mainly because I look like a marshmallow every time I bundle up! Although it can be 60 degrees one day and 20 degrees the next, I found the most comfy cardigan to get me through this winter! Check out my pics below to get a good feel on how to dress in the winter while being classy/casual at the same time!


My Kendall and Kylie Racerback Cami ($20) complemented very well with my Culotte leather pants ($37) I found at the Rack! I tied it with my Fleece Cardigan ($40) for comfort and style. I chose the cardigan, because it evened out the curves on my body by draping down to my ankles (not too showy, but still impressionable). I finished off this look with my Gucci Sneakers. The vibrant color it adds onto the look makes the casual outfit more bold and edgy. *If you didn’t know, luxury designers will take off shipping and tax if they don’t have a store in your state*

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1) Bold, because I feel the dark tones of my shirt even out the lightness from my cardigan. 2) Edgy, because streetwear tied into a casual look always gives the impression that I, as an artist, have a sense to “color outside the lines”.

Even if you don’t like wearing anything flashy, you can still rock this look with regular white sneakers – I have even tried this look with my red mules – or even pants you find at the thrift store! No look is set to categorize you, but rather give you a sense of character.

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