Coachella Bound


As some of you know from my last travelling post, I took a trip to the Carolina’s and GA for spring break. It was a very much needed vacay. It was sort of like a precursor of my journey to follow that next month. I know that I haven’t posted in a while (mainly because of my transition in life, which I explain everything in this post) but I can assure you that I WILL be posting more. 🙂 (or atleast attempt to..) So without further delay, here is what happened a month after spring break..

During the month of March, I had the opportunity to attend Coachella in the desert of Indio, California. – Before you close out of your browser I ask that you just give me two minutes of your time. – This wasn’t just a “music festival experience” that everybody my age attends, but for me, it was more like a monumental event in my life; something I can cross off my bucket list! Honestly, majority of you reading are probably in it to see how many drugs I took or how much alcohol I consumed. I am here to tell you that you can still have fun without doing any of those things. If you want me to be honest, it did bother me that everybody I tried to talk to about the experience was more curious about what I did or what they thought I did rather than what I got out of the festival. I know going to Coachella made people think of me in a different light as if I was trash for wanting to be in that environment? I am here to tell you that you can still go to Music Festivals (or any event that seems shady to society) and still be 100% true to yourself. For all of you that are curious nosy, no, I did not take part in any illegal substances or drink alcohol. I had the most fun throughout the event being completely sober.

The second part of this post is dedicated to unraveling the real identity of Coachella (beyond the stigma, judgement, and characteristics society has placed). What started as a dispute with Ticketmaster, Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen (Coachella co-founders) booked the desert venue for Pearl Jam through Goldenvoice, when they refused to perform in LA due to Ticketmaster having service fees applied on every ticket. Little did Tollett and Santen know what impact Coachella would make with 10 nominations in “Best Music Event” for International Dance Music Awards. Along with their achievements, their environmental stability plays a key role in the nature of the festival grounds. Coachella manage its carbon footprint by partnering with Global Inheritance to advertise environmentally friendly initiatives. Global Inheritance’s original theme was its “TRASHed :: Art of Recycling” campaign that challenges local artists to recreate recycling bins that are placed throughout the festival grounds. Also, “Carpoolchella” rewards festival goers who carpool in groups of 4+ and display the word “Carpoolchella” on their cars by entering them in a drawing to win VIP tickets for life. In 2007, Coachella partnered with Global Inheritance to start a 10-for-1 recycling program, that allows anyone who collects ten empty water bottles to receive a free full one. In 2009, the festival introduced $10 refillable water bottles, which people could refill at water stations inside the festival and within the campgrounds. Now, you can bring empty plastic water bottles to refill at any water station. Inside the festival, you can find solar powered DJ booths and seesaws used to charge mobile phones. Art installations can be seen on festival grounds and gives a 3D visual of what it portrays. Charity work is complied through the percentage of ticket sales benefitting the city of Indio as well as, California Care Force, CV History MuseumDigicom, Mizell Senior Center, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, The Painted Turtle, and Global Inheritance.

Overall, my experience at Coachella was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I was blessed to be apart of. My personal experience is proof that you can be sober and have all the fun you want. I saw my favorite artists, as well as my favorite foods. I met people from all over the globe and saw the Queen Bey in all her glory. Although, I will say that the fashion this year was a little saddening as everybody was wearing Fashion Nova galore, but… so was I 😂. (for more inside videos/pics & snippets of performances feel free to check my highlights on IG!)

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