What I learned from Sprang Break is..


I hope everybody is replenished and back in the groove from all of your spring break festivities. I am sooo excited to be back in the hustle of everything before my trip to Coachella!!😜 Luckily, for me, my spring break was in the early week of March, so I travelled to basically rest. (as it kept raining non-stop) One of my best friends, Alexsas moved to SC last year, so I decided to make a spontaneous trip(x2) to see her! We did the MOST with the little time I was there. We travelled to Georgia, North Carolina, and made our way back to South Carolina. Usually, when you think of these places you think of traditional vibes, BUT we found some pretty cool hole-in-the-wall places that I want to share with you all! First day, we went to Charlotte and went out on the town (basically, we ate alot of food). They also have a Billy Graham Library, but it was closed due to the memorial days before. The Seventh Street Public Market had an atmosphere of innovation while the Epicentre THRIVVEDD on modern entertainment with a twist of aristocratic culture.

Second Day consisted of lots and LOTS of rain🌧, but that didn’t stop us from going to Asheville! Just imagine the local art scene meets Rodeo DR. There was a lot of hipster chic, but also a plethora of boujee eateries. This district supported local art, music, and freedom of expression.

Third and final day we went to ATL🌞. Our first stop was at the MLK JR Historic Site. I honestly didn’t prepare myself for the magnitude of the historical footprint. I was overwhelmed with gratitude because for one, MLK JR is a foundational character in our civil rights movement – which I’m very passionate about given, I am a double minority AND a second generation American. Two, he paved the way for millions of POC’s to fight for what they believe is true. Third, he was a man after God’s own heart. So basically, MLK JR is perfect 😭 but before I continue in my feels..the Ebenezer Church  (currently still have service) he grew up in was beautiful. The interior structure was built on a firm foundation 🙌🏾🙏🏾. They had a clip of Christine King playing at the lower part of the facility. Inside the Visitor Center they had a video playing about our younger generation’s fight to end racism. It was overall, a powerful experience and will encourage anybody to stand up for freedom.

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The second thing we did was venture to L5P. Little Five Points is deemed as ATL’s hippest neighborhoods. And it did not disappoint! Graffiti art was coined as the Midtown’s Trademark. We ate at the Vortex 😋and found our way to the Centennial Olympic Park. The Centennial Park District had everything from SkyView, CNN Center, SkyLounge, Georgia Aquarium, Center for Civil and Human Rights, World of Coca-Cola.

(this was my second trip to the Carolina-Georgia region! I encourage you to check it out if you have never been) 🙂
@ the Centennial Olympic Park! This sculpture pays tribute to Olympism (hence – “Olympic” park). 

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