I Had PRK Surgery!

WHAT Y’ALL GETTIN BLESSED WITH TODAY?! If you are someone who is blind as a bat then throw your pinky finger to the SKY. That is how I felt for the last 9 years. I have dealt with increasingly terrible eye sight. Astigmatism in both eyes, pink eye, eye irritation, dry eyes – you name it, I had it. (I would even miss school, because it was that bad) Most of my eye irritation came from not taking care of my contacts, but I never had vision insurance so it got very expensive for me to constantly buy contacts. If I were to keep up with my eye exams, glasses, and packs of contact lenses it would be over 3 grand a year (generously). NOW you feel me? So I had my last straw this past November. I decided to have a Lasik consultation, and finally say “deuces” to my vision impairment. When I went to the Lasik Institute the optometrist told me that I wasn’t a candidate for Lasik, but I was for PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy). Basically, PRK is like Lasik, but instead of cutting a flap to the epithelium (the outer layer of the cornea) that whole layer is removed. Lasik’s healing process is about over night, because the flap heals itself whereas in PRK, the cornea grows its own epithelial layer. During the surgery they numb your eyes before they operate. This is weird because you can feel everything – but not – at the same time.  After the surgery, they put contact lenses on me that acted as my “bandages” for a week. That’s why it took me five days to heal. At first, I thought the nurses were being dramatic. They were saying things like, “You’re not gonna want to get out of bed for a week” “You’re going to need help around the house” “You need pain meds” and alllll this stuff! I was like, “Yeahhh right, IMMA BE HEALED IN A DAY, AMEN”…. NAH. It was the most crucial thing my poor eyes have ever endured. The first three days I needed help putting eye drops in. I wore goggles to bed and sunglasses during the day to protect my eyes from sensitivity.



I never kept the light on. Whenever my friends would come over they would make fun of me, and start calling me “Clout goggles” but could I blame them? The healing process is very gradual, because my corneas are still developing their new outer layer. BUT I can definitely say that it was worth everything. I never knew that walls could have creative lines on them. I never knew what the leaves on trees actually looked like. It was an eye-opening experience. Whenever I would wake up in the morning I would forget where I placed my glasses, so I would constantly rummage around until I found them. Now, I can peacefully wake up and see my surroundings. If you are someone who is in the same boat I was, I would say do it, because having a new set of eyes changes your perspective (for the better). -LC

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