A Woman Without Limits

I have been blessed with the most amazing opportunity to interview Skye Latimer for my opening section of “People of Influence”. In this section, I will interview people on their “Stéma” and what being a positive leader means to them.

Skye Latimer is an assistant studio manager at Studio 7 dance company, Inspiration & Innovation Director at confidencecon, owner of SkyeRockItMedia and WorthyofExisting.blog.

Her accomplishments include: 40 under 40 – OKC Gazette (2017), Next Gen’s 30 Under 30 – Ion Oklahoma (2016), Class Matter’s: Dream Builder of 2016, and Propel’s OKC Chapter Panelist in 2015.

Where do you get your inspiration from?  Endless social media scrolling. Nature and God’s work – nourishment in nature really helps my creativity. Following people on social media in the places that I aspire to do/be. My group of friends.. they’re all beautiful. Internally beautiful women who encourage and pour into me and believe in me when I necessarily don’t believe in myself. My community and my husband, of course.

What compels you to encourage women? First thing is “If not me then who?” “If I won’t do it then who will?” My spirit is lead to do more and say more and exemplify more than telling women they are just kind, pretty or smart, but telling them they are beyond that. Women are powerful, bold, courageous. If I don’t tell them that then there might be a chance that they have never heard that before, and as women we need that spoken OVER us and TO us – that’s a fact that needs to be shared, really.

How do you balance your everyday life while incorporating your roles in society? My planner is my BESTFRIEND. I am FAITHFUL to my planner. I am also really cautious of having 16 hours in my day to really focus, and then taking those 8 hours to really rest and be present. And making the most of those 16 hours that I have and being mindful of the spare moments, and not being on my phone in those 8 hours of rest.  

How long has Confidence Con been in the works with you/How did it happen? The Passion Project lead by Hannah Royce: It was my first year, and I had won a ticket – 2016 was a year of awakening for me – the conference completely wrecked me in the best way. Being around all these beautiful and powerful women that looked like me, WOC(Women of Color), or ones that had tattoos or colored hair.. They were all business owners, community leaders; just women KILLIN’ IT. They were just true to themselves. They weren’t afraid to say how they felt with the roles we have to fill or the roles society places on us. After conference I started making these videos of self-worth and self-love. In 2017, Hannah asked me to join her dream team! I was the Marketing Chair last year and we had an event in OKC and now we’re coming up with two conferences this year: one in OKC and one in Tulsa. We’re working on refining our process and streamlining the grandeur it takes to throw that event. I help with events and social media. 

What is skyerockitmedia? Networking – my business. Social media consulting. It just came from being good at my job and wanting to be creative in different ways and help people learn how to better use this resource. Really, not wanting to do shit for free anymore, but being passionate about what I do. I love social media and the opportunity it brings. I love that every business, every person, and every brand has a voice and can represent themselves. The #hashtag is the greatest tool in the world. I teach people how to use it and to engage with excellence.

How do you make time for the three IG pages you have? Balance. Giving myself grace when I don’t have the time to switch back and forth. Checking skyerockitmedia one time a day and checking worthy at lunch, dinner, and before bed. Being cognizant, and not having EVERY notification turned on.

How did you find Worthy of Existing to be “your” brand? I believe that my purpose in life is to love people. It started a year ago with the BLM movement and the LGBTQ persecution and people basically telling them that since they believe different that their lives didn’t matter. I wasn’t okay with that and Worthy of Existing came around to celebrate those lives and the fact that they are lives with a beating heart and they breathe their lungs like every other person. Its rough to look like us (WOC,POC,LGBTQ) to be treated differently, and I want to say that you are worthy of love and equality and worthy of breathing. No matter what the media or a certain administration is telling us, I want to tell people it’s okay to advertently stand up for what you believe in and that your life does matter. I believe that.

How do you manage to stay humble? Cause I aint NOBODY. I love being in pajamas and being at home. I am an extrovert with introvert tendencies. I value sleep very much. Well, just as long as I get those 8 hours of rest.

How long have you worked for Studeio7/danced? This is my 3rd year being with Studio 7, and their fifth season coming up. I started dancing when I was 3 years old. I did ballet and jazz for a little bit. The teacher didn’t let me move on even though I was increasing at such a young age, so I quit. I did other sports – karate softball, track, hockey, and lacrosse – when we moved to Oklahoma I got into cheer. I got a scholarship in college, so I cheered all four years. I was the choreographer while I was on the team, and so I got back into dancing and I really loved it. So I tried out for the Thunder Girls twice and didn’t make it. As hard as that experience was, I remember God telling me I wasn’t called to that stage, but I was called to a different stage(Studio 7). So I said, “Okay God, I will go wherever you want me to go.” Fast forward a little: I worked at a smoothie bar where Stacey (owner of Studio 7) was a regular and I had found out about the dance studio, and didn’t know that Stacey was the owner . 

What are your goals for 2018? This was the first year I ever did a vision board and those were scary to me. I’m just not creative in that way. I don’t necessarily cut on the lines, and put those things together – that’s just not creative to me. But I put one together and nobody died! The thing I highlighted was health and happiness. I was pretty sick in 2017, and now I may be healthier than I have ever been. Another thing is alignment. I felt like 2014-17 it was all about the hustle; going out there, to go and get it. I know the hustle will come back, but I know right now – aligning the things my soul says “yes” to and saying “no” to the things that don’t serve me – is where I need to be at. There’s this quote that says, “It’s either a hell yes or a hell no.” With health, also includes financial health because we want to buy a house and travel before we start a family. 

What drives you to stay “on top”? I don’t think I’m on “top” although, if I could say I was on top – in my buisness and personal endeavors – I am driven, because I deserve to be where I am. Counter to my previous “lazy” statement… when I work I do work and I work really hard. I give 110 percent every time. I realize that I’m a daughter of the King, so the winds, no matter how crazy or big – they were established before I was ever born so I know I need to be walking in my purpose. In dance – the powerful women that walk through those doors deserve my attention. They deserve my energy, because they are doing a brave and vulnerable thing. With Confidence Con, we stay on top by showing this red state that women make a difference, women are powerful, and all of its variety from the CEO, to the stay at home mom, to the college student, to the barista; Women need to be celebrated and recognized and empowered. We’re doing that in a different way by curating a conference that speaks to rule women and the realness is what puts us on top. The realness comes from the energy in the content and the hugs and high fives. At work – just being present. I have leadership who believes in me, sees potential me, and it hasn’t always been that way, so they deserve my focus. The best that I can do.

What does it mean for you to be a POC making a difference? It means that we are finally being heard, acknowledged, supported, and validated from our works and from our voice.

Did anybody ever doubt you? I guess the biggest negativity was being a WOC entrepreneur. In dance, people would constantly critique my dancing, videos or whatever, because it’s not “perfect” or a huge production. I solely do it for courage and women to be better(confident). I guess people developed this negativity, because my classes were growing, and it wasn’t this huge production, but dancing – for me – was never about that. 

How is working with Stacey was it an equal vision? I had to understand her vision and her mission, and I had to adjust what I was use to and follow along with that. She definitely believes in a dance space that doesn’t have to be over-sexualized or over-commercialized like everyone else is doing, and taking that advice and doing the best we can with that.

The key takeaway I would give myself if I was younger, WOC, POC, or anybody pursuing their dream or passion is to not stop loving the people who don’t believe in you. I believe that fire was whispered to you for a reason and only you for a reason, so those people who are the doubters don’t see that vision – they can’t feel it – and it’s your job to keep loving and keep pursuing. All for His glory.


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