Denimed Beige


Hey y’all! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on a denim craze lately. You can use it in any aesthetic and any scene. I really like this look, because it gives off a sense of confidence while looking casual (sort of). The way my style is composed of, and you will see alot more of my varietals later on, is basically compiling all of grunge, casual, classy, and streetwear! I don’t believe you should stick to just one style and vibe off that your whole life. There are different settings that will have you constantly changing your wardrobe, but one thing that shouldn’t change is your character. Fashion, for me, is all about showcasing who you are. That’s why I’m in love with it. Every detail, every accent, and every theme. Don’t get me wrong, the clothes don’t have to be alllll Gucciiii, but dress like you did not come to PLAY.


I incorporated fishnets with my look, because despite my denim takeover x10 & beige scheme, I wanted an attribute that would make the idea POP. I know what you’re thinking.. fishnets are very provocative, BUT toning it down with my beige onesie by Brandy Melville and my highwaisted skinnies from Pacsun evened out the scandalousness. A key component that took this whole look from street-cazh(casual) was the shoes. I wore my Louboutins, because it emphasized the girl-boss within. This look could definitely be complete with Nike Airmaxes, but I went for an overall spin-off of business-cazh. -LC

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